Understanding consciousness by building it


Graziano, M. S. A., & Webb, T. W. (2018). Understanding consciousness by building it. In D. Jacquette (Ed.), Bloomsbury Companion to Philosophy of Consciousness (pp. 187-210) . Bloomsbury.
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In the attention schema theory, awareness is an impossible, physically incoherent property that is described by a packet of information in the brain. That packet of information is an internal model and its function is to provide a continuously updated account of attention. It describes attention in a manner that is accurate enough to be useful but not so accurate or detailed as to waste time or resources. In effect, subjective awareness is a caricature of attention. One advantage of this theory of awareness is that it is buildable. No part of it requires a metaphysical leap from chemistry to qualia. In this article we consider how to build a conscious machine as a way to introduce the attention schema theory.

Last updated on 05/09/2019